Supplier Spotlight: Mike and Mike's Organics

Supplier Spotlight: Mike and Mike's Organics


We only produce our products using the freshest and best vegetables available. For this reason, we chose to purchase all of our produce (when available) exclusively from Mike and Mike's Organics.

For Mike and Mike’s Organics, quality is a core value. This is valid for the quality of products the health and safety of operations and the quality of it’s environmental performance.

Mike and Mike’s Organics participation in the fresh food supply chain is sustained through and based on quality and safety as a governing principle. Therefore, Mike and Mike’s Organics is committed to the following principles:

  • Ensure that working environments are safe and appropriate for employees, suppliers and third parties.
  • Contribute to food safety and quality at all points of the supply chain where Mike and Mike’s Organics is active.
  • Apply the principle of sustainability as a driver towards continual improvements in environmental performance.
  • Be conscious of and attentive to the impact activities may have on neighbours, the local community and the interests of society in general.

BIO RAW is proud to use Mike and Mike's and only source the best grade A ingreidents for all our products! 

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