We are looking for an experienced Product Development Specialist to lead the design of new products across our portfolio that will be sold in major grocery stores like Loblaws, Sobey's, Longo's, Whole Foods, Eataly and More!

The suitable candidate has to innovate and create signature dishes served by BIO RAW. The Product Development Specialist management responsibilities include understanding targets and concepts, maintaining quality control, and coming up with endless amazing recipes. The candidate must understand and adhere to projections, food and labour costs, and be able to strategize on these points.

The successful candidate will be a passionate foodie with a food science/R&D and/or food manufacturing background. This individual will bring a broad set of knowledge across multiple product categories to add value throughout our portfolio, including fresh meals; salads; snacks; and smoothies; among others. Our Product Development Specialists are able to reconcile designing delicious, exciting meals with the inherent constraints of large-scale manufacturing and respecting food cost targets. 

Major Responsibilities
  • Conduct plant trials to ensure verified accurate translation of small-batch recipes into large-batch manufacturing
  • Regular reformulation of products for improvement, enhancement and/or cost reduction.
  • Develop and Maintain standard communication protocol for all new product development, presentations and implementations.
  • Perform nutritional analysis for the product developed to ensure that it meets all the required specifications
  • Aid in sourcing new products from various suppliers and evaluate the newly sourced product.
  • Coordinate and execute product tastings, recipe re-evaluations, client sampling
  • Monitor opportunities and competition to identify and enhance our competitive advantage
  • Innovates develops and proposes new, trend-driven menu items
  • Prepares and maintains detailed, accurate cost worksheets
  • Works with suppliers to capitalize on high-value opportunities and new-to-market products
  • Researches and utilizes new and trending packaging products
  • Develops and maintains label templates for all manufactured items
  • Lead and conduct shelf-life testing in conjunction with QA Manager
  • Site visits and compliance audits to evaluate products during manufacture and after delivery
  • Assists in the development of recipes, formulas, procedures, step-by-step assembly instructions and HCAPP requirements
  • Lead the design and development of a continuously renewing pipeline of delicious, healthy ready-to-eat meals to excite our members coast to coast
  • Collaborate with internal production teams to ensure the successful execution of recipes as designed
  • Provide guidance to Culinary Operations in shaping SOPs, nutritional fact tables, and other relevant information to ensure smooth hand-off from design to manufacturing
  • Collaborate with external R&D teams to provide guidance on Meal Solutions, including in-facility collaborative work to refine products to meet BIO RAW standards
  • Identify and share ideas for continuous improvement of processes and tools across the product development and manufacturing process
  • Enjoy cooking and have a passion for healthy food;
  • Possess essential cooking skills: accurate measuring of ingredients, portion control, heat control;
Position Requirements
  • Must have own private transportation to North York Facility
  • Exemplary culinary skills
  • Passion for raw vegan food
  • 2 to 3 years relative experience in a similar position
  • Excellent food presentation skills
  • Available to work a flexible schedule
  • Strong computer skills
  • Well organized and excels at multi-tasking
  • Computer knowledge; MS Office, Excel, Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Problem solver and analytically minded
  • Knowledge of industry trends, consumer insights, and competitive business strategy
  • Requires adaptability to handle multiple projects simultaneously while addressing aggressive timetables for completion
  • Knowledge of calculation of Nutrition facts of meals.
To Apply:
Email Your Resume and Cover Letter.
Please include answers to the following questions:
  1. What are your favourite IG content creators?
  2. What are your favourite cookbooks?
  3. What are your favourite restaurants?
  4. What is your favourite new CPG that launched in the last two years?

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