Our 7 Pillars of Nutrition

Our 7 Pillars of Nutrition

With our launch into Loblaws this week (yay), we thought it was a perfect time to share a little bit of what makes us tick - in case there are some new faces to the site (in which case, welcome!!)

Here's our 7 Pillars of Nutrition, which we implement each and every day. 



BIO RAW 7 Pillars of Nutrition


1) Organic, Always

We’re 100%, USDA Organic Certified, because we believe you deserve the highest quality food free of pesticides, insecticides, synthetic fertilizers, GMOs and conventional residues that come with non-organic meals.


2) Nutrient Dense

A fundamental pillar, we only use real whole food ingredients that are first and foremost bioavailable, easy-to-digest, and chock full of essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals and the essential omegas! We want you to know that we’ve GOT you when it comes to nourishment with our meals. 


3) Gluten Free

We have a gluten-free facility and will never compromise on that. As gluten contributes to inflammation (in the gut and beyond) and does more harm than good, we strive to always be gluten free – supporting the digestive tract of every valued customer.


4) Plant Based Protein

We believe in vegan food offerings, and will never produce any products that contain animal by-products. We’re dedicated to changing the retail shelves and removing animal cruelty from the food chain. We offer a wide variety of plant-based proteins in all of our meals, from sprouted seeds, to beans and legumes, to tempeh, to protein rich vegetables like broccoli microgreens!


5) Eat the Rainbow, and lots of it.

Each colour of every vegetable and fruit you eat contains its own unique antioxidant quality, so we pack all of our meals with as many colourful veggies as possible. This way, we ensure you get as many of antioxidants as possible, from all the colours!


6) Only the Good Fat

We never compromise on the quality of the fats we use, because we don’t compromise on you. Unlike most other companies, we only use the good stuff (no canola here): olive oil, hempseeds and sprouted seeds to provide you with the anti-inflammatory, hormone building fats that allow you to thrive.


7) Thoughts count as nutrition too.

The narratives we tell ourselves every day count as nourishment, in our humble opinion. A healthy diet is amazing, but a healthy positive mindset matters just as much. Feed your stomach the right food and feed your mind as much self-loving thoughts as you can. That way you’ve got a winning combination, culminating in radiant health!! 

Together, these pillars help us nourish you in the best way possible - delivered with the best thoughts and intentions we can deliver. 

Thank you for making us a part of your day!

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