How to Include BIO RAW to THRIVE!

How to Include BIO RAW to THRIVE!

We love that we get to be part of your health journey. We recently got asked how to incorporate our meal plans into the lives of our valued customers for the best results (more energy, vitality, healthy weight management, etc...). So we're here to give some tips on how to do so, with some additional healthy info from our in-house nutrition expert Kyle! 


Here’s how to incorporate us into your days, whether you order a 5-day meal plan, or 10-day or more!


If you’ve never tried us before, one awesome way to try all the meals is to order THE SAMPLER, which delivers (to your DOOR) all 7 of our delicious meals for you to try out Then you’ll know you’re favourites to get on a regular basis!


 1. Replace one meal a day (or two to really step it up) with a BIO RAW Meal (5 days a week or more!)

If you’re highly active and on the go – and your goal is muscle building – opt for heartier bowls like THE BUILT or THE FIESTA. If you’re goal is weight loss or weight management, and you’re not overly active, opt for leaner (yet packed with protein bowls) like THE SHRED, THE BALANCE, THE NINJA, or THE CHOP.


 2. Stay Hydrated

For proper hormonal balance, detoxing, and improved overall health, upping your water game is a key essential in this program. Aim for 2-3L per day. PRO TIP: Buy 1L mason jars at your local hardware or kitchen store, and go through 3 a day. It’s a great way to stay on track!


3. Before each meal of the day, take 3 deep breaths.

For optimal digestion, your body needs to be in a relaxed state. When the body is tense, blood actually gets diverted AWAY from digestion, impairing the process. To absorb ALL of the nutrients you possibly can, activate your REST & DIGEST state before each meal by taking 3 deep calming breaths. It’ll make a difference, trust us!


4. Foundational Supplements.

Although we don’t sell supplements, our in-house Nutrition Expert Kyle Buchanan does recommend these supplements as a standard for foundational health:

Vitamin D – 2000-30000 iu. Per day(**always get your levels tested to detect major deficiency though, and work with a health care practitioner to get therapeutic dosing if deficient)

Omega 3 – 1500 EPA/DHA combined per day (ProTip: if vegan, buy algae-based omegas!)

Probiotic 20-30 billion CFU per day (increase 3-4 fold for at least a month  if you’ve just been on antibiotics)


 5. Stop drinking caffeine by 2pm.

Coffee and caffeinated teas are a great pick me up, but the caffeine can linger in your system way beyond consumption, and interfere with your sleep. And for optimal health and improved vitality, sleep is essential. For this reason, avoid drinking anything caffeinated past 2pm.


 7. Plan to succeed

We offer one week, four weeks, or twelve week plans. You save more ordering more in advance, so to take the work out of constantly thinking for you, we suggest the 12 week meal plan (whether you want 5 meals, 10 meals or 20 meals delivered per week

And there you have it! Here's to eating to thrive!!! If you have any questions, shoot us a DM, and be sure to follow us on Instagram if you aren't already!! 

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