Explore some of our Ingredients!!

Explore some of our Ingredients!!

We only use the best ingredients in our meals - all of which are always ORGANIC! Check out some ingredient highlights below! 


This antioxidant-loaded vegetable provides stress-reducing magnesium and a ton of nutrients that promote proper estrogen detoxification!



Disguised as delicious ‘noodles’, zucchini supports proper blood sugar balance, boosts energy and can improve adrenal function!


Collard greens

These provide a delicious crunch that satisfies, nourishes and supports your digestion all at the same time!


Sprouted pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are an excellent source of protein, fibre, and skin-boosting zinc! And by sprouting our own seeds, we unlock the ‘anti-nutrients’ that can prevent mineral-absorption. We’ve got you covered, absorb it all!



This protein-packed seed provides essential amino acids necessary for proper muscle growth and repair, coupled with a ton of fibre that will leave you satisfied, and your bowel movements supported!


Pinto beans

Rich in protein and fibre, these delicious beans up the nutrient value of any meal!


Black Beans

Rich in fibre, protein and potassium, these delicious legumes support blood sugar balance and healthy blood pressure!



You’ll find these in THE CAESAR, and are by far one of our founder’s favourite plant-based proteins!


Broccoli Microgreens

These nutrient powerhouses are rich in sulforophane, an incredibly powerful antioxidant that supports optimal liver detoxification!


Hemp Hearts

These delicious hearts provide the perfect balance of the omegas, supporting hormonal balance and healthy glowing skin!  




  • Gluten

  • Meat products

  • Dairy

  • GMOs

  • Pesticide Residue

  • Insecticide Residue

  • Sweeteners

  • Preservatives

  • Hydrogenated Fats

  • Colours

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