BIORAW's got a Brand New Friend . . .

BIORAW's got a Brand New Friend . . .

BioRaw’s commitment to stellar meals with only the best, nourishing ingredients just made a new friend to deliver even MORE value to our wonderful customer tribe.


And that friend is none other than Kyle Buchanan, who will add his flare as BioRaw’s Nutrition Expert and social-media pop-up “health hacker”!


For those who are unfamiliar with Kyle - here’s the rundown . . .


Kyle’s a licensed nutritionist, “health-hacker”, and speaker with a passion for making holistic health advice available to everyone. He’s a huge believer in people’s potential, and advocates fuelling and hacking that potential so people live their best, most extraordinary life.




Formerly an overweight, bullied teen with mounds of anxiety, he used nutrition and mindset as his primary tool to shed the weight, gain confidence and start the journey of helping others do the same. Click here for the full-rundown of that story told first hand.


In addition to his passion for nutrition, another one of Kyle’s passions is acting (he’s lucky enough to have both joys in his life!). You might have seen him (Troy McClure from the Simpsons here apparently) on shows like Suits, Slasher, Murdoch Mysteries, Lost Girl or possibly a commercial or two over the years . . .


As a health-hacker and nutritionist, he’s a huge proponent of individualized nutrition and the importance of eating what's right for your body, no one else's. With that, he’s a huge believer that everyone can benefit from including more colourful, nutrient-dense foods in their diets - which is the BIORAW family is a perfect match!


You’ll see him hangin’ around our Instagram (click the stories to see what random health-hack, info or life shenanigans he’ll share!), stores and our corporate lunch n’ learns (learn more about those here).

There’s so much fun to come, and we’re thrilled to have Kyle as a partner and friend!

Stay tuned!

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