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At BIO RAW we take food seriously, and work hard to create a synergy between nutritional requirements and great taste. All of our food is carefully crafted by our in-house nutritionists, to provide you with exceptional nutritional value.

Nature provides an array of disease fighting, hormone balancing, mood enhancing properties, and we take this gift and infuse it with flavour, texture and style to create a hearty, satisfying meal!


BIO RAW will never be conventional.
We are committed to only using 100% certified organic inputs in all of our meals.
That being said, all of the products we manufacture are proudly certified by EcoCert Canada.


We’re talking fundamental nutrition here. We use real whole food ingredients that are first and foremost bioavailble, easy-to-digest, chock full of essential amino acids, high in vitamins and jacked up on omegas. Flood your body with REAL nourishment.


We are actively promoting the availability of vegan food offerings. We will NEVER produce any products that contain animal by-products. We are dedicated to changing the retail shelves and removing animal cruelty from the food chain.


We have a gluten-free facility and we will never compromise that. Gluten causes a lot of inflammation and dietary upset. We want our customers living their best life with a happy and healthy digestive tract.

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A diet that’s rich in plant-based foods has all kinds of healthy benefits. In fact, many studies show it can help prevent diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and certain cancers. Now that’s a whole lot of healthy (and a whole lot of yum).


Bio Raw is committed to leading the industry in minimizing our impact on the Earth and its resources. We take every step to make sure we are producing great products in the most environmentally conscious ways possible. We are active in this commitment through the implementation of the following:

Waste Diversion

We have partnered with a small local waste collection agency which specializes in organics and recycling programs. They ensure that our company responsibly diverts organic and recyclable items from our landfills and transforms our waste into resources. The program is able to provide us with diversion results and C02 diversion equivalents for our facility to track out program goals.

Energy Conservation

We are committed to minimizing the energy use in our facility, this includes: using energy star products, using programmable timers, taking advantage of natural light and programmable thermostats. This core value resonates with our staff, who have participated in training, and actively participate in ensuring our standards are met. We use an accredited program to offset the greenhouse gas emissions generated by our activities. We use Bullfrog Power’s generators to put renewable electricity onto the grid that matches the amount of conventional electricity used by our facility.

100% Compostable

We ensure that we only use packaging which meets ASTM D6400 compostable standards and that is ECOLOGO certified. All the packaging we use is made from renewable materials such as corn. Along with this, we will only purchase FSC certified, unbleached paper, which is used for our customers invoices and paper towel for our facility.

Chemical Free

We never use toxic chemicals in our facility or in ANY of our products. We proudly use cleaner and healthier alternatives to conventional products, such as: organic apple cider vinegar and essential oils.
We execute large scale marketing initiatives to better educate our customers on how to properly dispose of their food and encourage the diversion of waste from landfills.

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We strive to support the local community and purchase from Fair Trade certified suppliers whenever possible. We are local Toronto citizens that are operating staff in the immediate neighbourhood that our facility is located. We have a strong social conscience. #VOTEWITHYOURDOLLAR #SUPPORTLOCAL



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